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The British Pistol Club was founded in 1957, for the encouragement of International Pistol Shooting, and is the oldest and largest shooting club exclusive to pistol in Great Britain. Since its inception the Club has provided competitions and training in accordance with the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF). Using air pistols, we are currently shooting, at 25m; Standard Handgun, Standard Pistol, 25m Pistol and Rapid Fire and at 10m to ISSF Rules; Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire, 60 Shot Men's and 40 Shot Ladies events. We also offer the 10 from 13 muzzle loading event at 25m for single shot Pistol, and Revolver.


For further information about the club, entries for the Bisley meetings or membership:

Please write to B.C.M 5114 London WC1N 3XX or telephone 07599 504876 (Whilst we will always hope that we are able to answer your call, if you do need to leave a message by voicemail or text  please note that we will only return a call if you leave a landline number.) or email BPC (


Congratulations to Kristian Callaghan on setting a new BPC record for Rapid Fire with a .22lr Standard Pistol.



The NSRA have today published a statement on their website regarding Five Shot Pistols including the sentences:-

"It has been suggested that pistol shooters should not bring their semi automatic pistols to the NSRA's Lord Roberts Centre because the NSRA would be obliged to seize/confiscate the firearms."

 "At the present time the NSRA does not have the duty or the power to seize any firearms and would only be able to do so upon the specific instructions of Surrey Police /or the Home Office." 


 "Essentially I would like to make it known, and confirm that the NSRA will not be seizing any pistols and the sanctioned use of the centre for pistol shooting can continue as previously." 

Whilst this is obviously very good news for pistol shooting, and allows us to continue shooting at 25m, it does give the impression that the previous advice regarding seizure of pistols did not emanate from an email received from them. Any such impression is incorrect.



Next BPC Meetings at Bisley



British Pistol Club 10m & 50m Open Pistol Meeting

14th 15th January 2017

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2017 ISSF Rule changes to be applied




Current fees for the monthly meetings:-

Event Members Non-members
10M & 50m  events 8.00 per match 13.00 per match
25m air events 5.00 per match 10.00 per match
25m S5 events 5.00 per match 12.00 per match

These new fees are not applicable to the Open Meeting in January or the June Championships.There will not be any additional green fee payable by non-members. Please send your email entries to


Please read the updated BPC rules for ISSF events


 Shooting Schedule but note no 25m on Sunday for October, November and February


All year  round 10m  09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00
Summer 50m 09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00
Winter 50m 09:00 11:00 13:00  
Summer 25m   Winter 25m *
Rapid Fire 09:00 10:15   Rapid Fire 09:00
Standard Pistol 11:30     Sport Pistol 10:30
Sport Pistol 14:00     Standard Pistol 14:00