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The British Pistol Club

The British Pistol Club (BPC) was founded in 1957, for the encouragement of international Pistol Shooting, and is the oldest and largest shooting club exclusive to pistol in Great Britain. It was established to support the best pistol shooters in the country and does not operate as a traditional target shooting Club. There is no Clubhouse or range, rather the BPC is based at the NSRA’s Lord Roberts Centre where it runs monthly shoulder-to-shoulder competitions that are open to all and are intended to be welcoming for new pistol shooters as well as experienced competitors. For further information about the Club, see About Us.

For more information on becoming a British Pistol Club Member, please see the Membership page or contact The Secretary

BPC shooting range
The Mick Gault Range at the Lord Roberts Centre - home to BPC competitions

Contact Us

For further information about the Club or Membership:

  • Email the Secretary for all enquiries and entries

Next BPC Meetings at Bisley

11th - 12th March

15th - 16th April

13th - 14th May

24th - 25th June

5th - 6th August 

9th - 10th September - Club Open Championships

28th - 29th October

18th - 19th November

MARCH 2023 monthly meeting


March Monthly Meeting


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2023 BPC Calendar v4 has now been published.

We will keep an eye out for additions and changes over the next few months and update when suitable.

BPC Calendar 2023

Entry fees

Event Members Non-Members
10 & 50m events 10m - £15.00 (Members) + £5 admin fee for non-Members 50m - £20.00 (Members) + £5 admin fee for non-Members
25m air events £17 (Members) + £8 admin fee for non-Members

Note: All fees are per match.

Note: These fees are not applicable to the Club Championships.

Please read the updated BPC Rules for ISSF Events.

Shooting Schedule (Summer April to September)

Season Distance Times
Saturday 10m 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00
Sunday 10M (Practice Match) 9:00, 11:00 (Final @ 14:00)
Saturday 50m 9:00,11:00,13:00

Note: No 25m on Sundays except for August meeting. 

Summer 25m (April - September)
  • Standard Pistol 9:00am
  • Sport Pistol 11:00am
  • Rapid Fire detail (1) 1:30pm
  • Rapid Fire detail (2) 3:00pm
Winter 25m (October - March)
  • Standard Pistol 9:00am
  • Sport Pistol 11:00am
  • Rapid Fire detail (1) 1:30pm
  • Rapid Fire detail (2) 3:00pm

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