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Lockdown Live Competition

by Jim Newsome

The Committee has decided to host a virtual 10m Air Pistol match over Zoom on Sunday 14th February, for Members only. If you would like to compete in this virtual shoulder to shoulder event, then please email the Secretary. If there is sufficient interest, it will go ahead.

The proposed format:

  • All competitors to shoot together on one Zoom call, starting at 10:00
  • Video streams from phones & laptops to show your fellow competitors  
  • 60 shot match can be shot on paper, electronic targets or Scatt
  • Scoring will be via TargetScan, photos/reports from electronic targets, Scatt files or self-submitted with photos
  • Scoring to be done immediately after the event with the top 8 going through to a Zoom final later in the day, from 14:00
  • Results published on the BPC website and social media
  • Spectators welcome

The Rules - please note we are working on this as a test case and if the event is successful we will continue to refine these rules and hold more remote competitions:

  • 5 shots per target (if on paper)
  • Distance must be 10m for live firing. Reduced distances for Scatt are accepted
  • ISSF timing for paper targets (i.e. 15 mins sighting & Prep, 90 minutes competition)
  • Given the remote nature of the competition, we cannot allow extra time for malfunctions
  • If your internet fails then you can finish your competition and submit the scores afterwards as normal
  • We will hold one final for all ages & genders unless we have a very high level of interest

This is our first attempt at this so please bear with us if everything does not run perfectly. Any suggestions and ideas re rules and logistics are welcome.