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BPC Lockdown League Week 50 Results

by Jim Newsome

After 50 competitions run over the last year, it is time to close down the Lockdown League. Ranges across the UK are re-opening and the BPC is hopeful that normal competition will return soon.

So in this final week we celebrate a superb 387 from Raissa Vickery in the Junior Women, the highest score of the week. In the Senior Men it is Matt Reed, the winner of so many Lockdown League competitions, who fittingly sees out the competition at the top of the Senior Men despite an excellent 381 from Andy McGee. The last tussle in the Joe Baker vs Sam Allen head-to-head in the Junior Men 10m goes Joe's way with a 377 whilst Toby Meek returns for a swansong in the Junior Men's 6yd, with a very respectable 368 that would have placed him 3rd in the Senior class at that distance. Aurore Goberville wins the Senior Women's class uncontested and despite a close challenge from Les Pearson, it is Nick Pye who wins the final 6ys class as well.

BPC LL Results Week 50

A big thank you to all the competitors and look forward to seeing you on a range somewhere soon.

In the meantime entries for the Lockdown Live competition on Sunday 18th April will close shortly, contact for more information.